What are lab grown stones?

Lab grown stones or “synthetic” stones are real and genuine stones, they are just made by man instead of being mined. They are chemically and physically exactly the same as natural gemstones. This leads to them being more ethical as the work conditions are less risky then mining. 

Can I wear my jewellery in water?

Yes, sterling silver and 9ct gold can be worn for daily wear, and are tarnish free in water. However avoid harsh chlorine as some spas/pools can turn sterling silver a black tone. 

Why is my finger black after the first wear?

If your finger goes black after the first wear please note that due to my highly polished work please note there may be remnants of polishing compound on the piece still which may transfer to your skin. This is completely normal with polished fine jewellery and will disappear after a full day of wear. 

Why has my sterling silver discoloured?

If silver has contact with certain cosmetics, chemicals, medications and acidic skin this can cause a black coloured tarnish on the sterling silver. If this happens, clean the jewellery as per instructed on my jewellery care page. It is also good to keep on wearing the ring after this happens as the skins oils can help polish the silver.

Do you do custom work?

At the current moment I am not offering custom work.

Do you do engraving?

I am not trained in engraving and so it's best if you take your jewellery to a professional engraver after to have it done.

Do you resize rings?

Ring resizing is a fee of $40. You must cover the shipping cost to send the item back to me. Please note that some products cannot be resized due to being made with fragile stones that cannot be heated up, so it's very important to select the right size.

​​Can you take my old stones or metal?

At the moment I am not offering those services.

Where is my order/ tracking number?

I will send a tracking number once I have dispatched your order, please check your junk mail often to check for the tracking number. 

The made to order collection takes up to 6 weeks for me to make, as I use a lost wax casting process that often takes a while. Ready to ship items will be shipped off within 1-2 business days of ordering.